Barbie Makeup Games

Renew the Fall WardrobeRenew the Fall Wardrobe
Fall Arrives and Claudia have to renew all his wardrobe, it is not easy because a lot of clothing available, you would like help with this task?, I can have a great time!
Rapunzel Princess ClothingRapunzel Princess Clothing
I love all the Disney drawings, especially those of Rapunzel, which is this beautiful fairy princess with long blonde hair delighted in this game you have to dress, makeup and put the best jewelry.
Fashion Week ParisFashion Week Paris
In this game you will become an image consultant because you have to help this beautiful model to dress so you can go to fashion week in Paris, I encourage you to make sure that you'll know very well!
We Played with FashionWe Played with Fashion
What clothes do you prefer?, in this game you can demonstrate your ability to fashion games, dress up this girl with the best clothes and accessories, do not forget any detail!
Shows What you Do!Shows What you Do!
With this game you have the opportunity to show everyone how good these games give you fashion, you have to combine the items and show everything you've learned from previous games, you dare?
Total MakeoverTotal Makeover
Have you seen this girl? her hair pink, I do not like about you?, you have the option to change your hair color, hair style, makeup and the clothes she wears, want to play around?
Play with your FriendsPlay with your Friends
You like fashion games?, you can learn a lot, thinks it is not easy to combine all the clothes with style, sure you will know very well, invite your friends to your house and go & play together with these games so much fun!
Doll Wears a SeasonDoll Wears a Season
I love vintage dresses?, classic dresses are very elegant and glamorous, perfect for a while you could play dress up this doll, want to play?
Barbie Makeover ForBarbie Makeover For
Do you like Barbie dolls?, are beautiful and elegant, with nice legs and long hair, if there is anything you do not like you can change it, make her up and dress to be very pretty!
Have fun Dressing this GirlHave fun Dressing this Girl
You have a lot of clothes in all styles to dress this girl, this is a fun fashion game where you have to prove your skills with the art of fashion, you dare to challenge?
Here Comes AutumnHere Comes Autumn
After summer comes autumn and this season begins to come the cold, change the closet for outerwear, you can help this girl get dressed to keep warm?
Imagine you are a MotherImagine you are a Mother
Imagine you are the mother of this child, you have to dress to be very pretty, very pretty peinala and leave it, only you can do, want to play?
Party DressesParty Dresses
Paula has to go to a party tonight, have invited their friends to dinner and then dancing at a famous nightclub, she's unaware that clothing must be set and needs your help, I would like to find some clothes for her?
Spring BeginsSpring Begins
I love the spring, is a very joyful season, the good weather and with it the light clothing and comfortable, you can dress up this girl with clothes that you like?
A Comfort to YourselfA Comfort to Yourself
You have a closet full of clothes so you can dress up this girl with the nicest clothes, comfortable and stylish, dare you, choose wisely what you like and enjoy!
Clothes for a Summer DayClothes for a Summer Day
Start the summer with the good weather, heat, beach days and fun! With this game you have the opportunity to work on fashion, dress up this girl with the prettiest clothes of summer.
We Played with a Model?We Played with a Model?
Want to play with this beautiful model?, you can choose to take care of all the fashionable clothes that you like, you do endless combinations with all the clothing available, do not hesitate to animate with this fashion game!
Fantasy Costumes for a PartyFantasy Costumes for a Party
Choose a nice dress costumes for this girl to go to a party this afternoon!, it's fun because everyone is wearing original clothes and the girl also wants to be an original, with this game you dare?
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